Education at Bhanu

+2 (Higher Education)

Currently, we offer courses in Science and Management. The excellent results that our students get speak volumes of our quality and committment. We have well faciliated library, labs, and sports.



Our impartment of knowledge is backed up by the latest and innovative way of teaching. The records in results that we have achieved is unparalled. Our students have excelled in their fields and throughout the world. The education we offer is of highest quality.

Lower Secondary

Though there is not a concept of 'Lower Secondary' level according to the Governemnt, we, however, have separate wing of it. The main concept is being of ease of management. Studetns at this level are carefully nurtured and prepared for the challanges in higher education.

Primary Level

One of the most challanging level for any schools, our primary level is fun-filled and caring approach to education. Little ones enjoy a lot of creative works and EC Activities while in school. We always get good reviews form parents of our approach for this level.


Known as the first stepping stone in formal education, Nursery classes in our school are of highest standards with focus on making a child's second home. Our teachers are highly experienced and trained. A child will strat enjoying school right from the first day.