Online Exam GUIDELINE:





  • The link of the exams will be activated/accessible only on the exact date and time of exam.
  • Students are required to join the Invigilator/respective subject teacher in ZOOM 5 mins prior to the start of the exam.
  • Students have to visit the respective GOOGLE CLASSROOM, enter the provided CLASS CODE and Click the given subjects LINK (Google Form link) as per the exam schedule.
  • Students’ video and audio must be enabled for the duration of the exam.
  • After the completion of the exam students must still be connected in Zoom, video and audio enabled.
  • Students’ are advised to have a backup device in case of power/internet failure.
  • Only 10 minutes grace time will be provided in case connection is lost abruptly during the exam.
  • In case students’ could not connect back, necessary steps would be taken for re-examination once. Re-exam schedule and date will be provided later on.
  • The interface of the exam for the subjects that need photographs are explained below with screenshots. Please make sure you understand the instructions. Please inform your invigilator in case of any difficulties.
  • For photo questions…..
  • Once the written portion of the exam is done students need to take pictures of their answer papers properly. Each picture must contain only one page with a clear mention of the subject/Name/Class/Registration number/page number/Question number on the TOP-RIGHT corner.
  • Pictures must be aligned TOP, clear, free of blurs, uploaded only once.