Academic Departments

Any educational institute's well functioning is heavley dependent on the performance, and management of different academic departments. There are various departments in our school that bring suitable plans and policies to enhance various fileds of subjects/topics in their respective subjects. Our academic departments make learning various subjects and topics easy and make students understand various subjects in an easy. Various programmes are designed to make students more eager to learn and be creative. Our departments are always ready to face big challenges and prepare students for their bright future.


  • Subject: Science, Environment Health and Population Education.
  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • Experience: From 5 years to about 25 years
  • Field includes: Understanding the core concepts, different approach to the subject, application of science in our daily life, conservation of nature, demography, diseases, first-aid, etc..

Science has shaped the world that we know today. .

Our experienced teachers use various tools of the trade to make learning science fun for our young brains.

Some of the HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Our teachers are highly qualified and trained.
  • Immersive and interactive teaching and learning with exposures on different fields and levels.
  • Various special classes and skill building tasks are implemented while teaching the subject.
  • Various co-curricular activities related to the subject.
  • Inviting various top writers and academicians from all over Nepal. Students learn from established personalities.
  • Extensive lesson plans on various topics....
  • Practical approach to various topics related to science, environment, and population education.
Recent Highlights


Recent Highlights

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